Nitizawa Precision Machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Nitizawa Corporation in China,relies on the strong strength of its headquarters in Japan to specialize in the import and export of industrial machinery parts. With excellent product quality and high service spirit, it has won wide recognition and praise from customers, and has maintained a professional position in the field of industrial machinery products sales. The company has established good cooperative relations with many famous Japanese and European brands。The main products include:

YOKOHAMA, Japan: Hose/Adaputer
NITTA , Japan: Tube/Hose/Connector
"NITTO KOHKI",Japan: Quick coupling/Electric screwdriver (DELVO)/ Magnetic drill/Air tool
"NABEYA" (Nabeya) Japan : ERON precision fixture/zero positioning/precision flat pliers/machine tool processing fixture/workbench, etc
"NBK" (Nabeya Bi-tech) Japan : precision coupling/rail safety locking device/special screws/buffers/various mechanical elements parts
"RTC" German: Liquid coupler /Connector
"KALLER " Sweden:: Gas springs and gas hydraulic

  We will be a very strong professional and technical force and its rich service experience as the core, with the perfect and adequate storage capacity to provide customers with high-quality, professional, user-friendly products. At the same time, on the basis of selling products, we will provide more professional and excellent after-sales service, long-term product spare parts inventory and maintenance business, and strive to provide customers with the best integrated service.

  "Mutual trust, harmonious innovation, unity and enterprising" is the spirit that the company pursuit ongoing, with professional sales team, strong technical force, good after-sales service, at the same time with manufacturer support, the company will become your trust excellent supplier, to provide high quality service to customers.

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